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Global March Against Child Labour - From Exploitation to Education

Nearly 450 child labourers rescued from Zari Workshops

New Delhi , November 21: In yet another raid, nearly 450 child labourers were rescued from zari workshops in Shahadra through the joint action by Delhi Police, State Labour Department and a group of NGOs.

The raid conducted was part of the child labour elimination drive by Delhi government, Delhi Police and NGOs, notably Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA). BBA is the pioneer organisation on child labour and in conducting daring raid and rescue operations to rescued bonded and child labourers, and has been mounting a consistent pressure on the administration to liberate child labourers from zari workshops in Delhi. This has resulted in the institution of a Task Force on Labour of which. BBA is an active civil society participant in the Task Force and has had already lodged a complaint with the Delhi Police about the illegal employment of children in zari workshops, providing details of the number of child labourers and locations in trans-Yamuna.

The tip-off for the present raid was given by Pratham an NGO active in the filed of child rights, and BBA's specialised legal advocacy team, assisted in the raid and helped in filing charges as well.

Mr R S Chaurasia, General Secretary BBA and member of Task Force on Labour, congratulating the Delhi Police, Labour Department and Pratham for this raid said, “It is not possible to withdraw children slaving under virtual and actual lock and key, without raid and rescue operations, especially of those children who have been trafficked. Raid and rescue operations responds to the children’s and parents immediate call for justice.” Mr Chaurasia has also demanded that besides the Child Labour Act and Juvenile Justice Act, these children should be treated under the forced labour, bonded labour and anti-trafficking laws.

As is known from previous raids in zari workshops, children mainly trafficked from other states to Delhi, work for more than 12 hours in inhuman conditions, without adequate light and ventilation for a paltry sum of money.


Global March Against Child Labour - From Exploitation to Education

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