Global March Against Child Labour: From Exploitation to Education
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Year 2012
Renewal of international cocoa agreement, 16 March 2012
The plight of children in an urban world, 16 March 2012
Stop the execution of Professor Abdolreza Ghanbari, 14 March 2012
Social Protection Floor - Post-2015 discussions gain momentum, 13 March 2012
USDOL’s ‘parental exemption’ for child labour in agriculture, 12 March 2012
Starting with the girls to empower rural communities to end hunger and poverty, 08 March 2012
Financial Transaction Tax – It’s Back and Hopefully to Stay!, 07 February 2012
Child Labourers Killed in Lahore as Illegal Factory Caves Down after an Explosion, 07 February 2012
Timothy (Tim) Ryan to represent Child Labour Coalition in the Governing Board of Global March Against Child Labour, 07 February 2012
Delay in Ratification of ILO Conventions 138 and 182 by Government of India Tarnishing Nation’s Image, 06 February 2012
Children engaged in unsafe mining, 05 February 2012
76 countries rank high in child labour violations, 31 January 2012
California Transparency in Supply Chains Act 2010, 30 January 2012
Year 2011
Resources for public education and health eaten by global corporations
Children and students tortured in Pakistani seminary, Global March demands immediate closure of the system of brutalisation
Missing children of India
Child labour in the Cocoa Farms of Ivory Coast and Ghana
Aid for Education: Miles to go!?
“Getting to Zero” Zero new HIV infections, Zero discrimination, Zero AIDS-related deaths – World AIDS Day 2011
“First steps on the long walk to school”
Civil society welcomes GPE announcements in Copenhagen
Human Trafficking on a rise in India, no data on crime available
Recruitment of new Head of Policy
US DOL releases second updated list of goods produced by child labour or forced labour
Another young victim of State directed child labour in Uzbekistan
Education International reinforces its position against child labour
Education under attack: GCE Newsletter September 2011
Calls for support to students in Chile
EU blocks Uzbek textiles over child labour
7 October: World Day for Decent Work 2011
World Teachers’ Day 2011: Teachers for Gender Equality
Global Unions call on G20 to promote jobs and social protection
ITUC releases report on core labour standards in India
Decent work for cocoa farmers
International Literacy Day: 8th September 2011
Disney, Mattel and Wal-mart toy maker accused of child labour
Global Trade Union Alliance to Combat Forced Labour and Trafficking
Civil Society Education Fund launches e-bulletin
New positions available in Global Campaign for Education
Retail fashion chain Zara under investigation for sweatshop in Brazil
Persecution of civil society and education campaigners in Malawi
End the persecution of students and teachers in Bahrain
Concern over child labour in agriculture in USA
Global March joins UN Global Compact
Niños y niñas comunicadores: agentes de cambios
Death of Two 14-Year-Old Girls in an Illinois Field Underscores the Need for an Overhaul of U.S. Child Labor Laws – Groups Condemn New Laws that Weaken Protections for Young Workers in States
Apparel Export Promotion Council, India (AEPC) Participates in Global March International Consultation- Roadmap 2016 and the Garment Manufacturing Sector
LO Norway in mourning for lost labour youth
New Complaints Mechanism for Children’s Rights Violations
Vulnerable groups and pesticides exposure
International Day of the African Child: 16 June 2011
Global March welcomes the adoption of the Convention on Decent Work for Domestic Workers
New ILO Report on Children in Hazardous Work
Recognition for India’s invisible workers
European Parliament adopts resolution on domestic work convention
World Day Against Child Labour 2011: Human Rights Watch urges adoption of new ILO convention on Domestic Work
ITUC publishes new global survey on violation of trade union rights
Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco-growing
Former child domestic worker addresses ILO committee on new convention
International Consultation on Roadmap 2016 and the Garment-Manufacturing Sector
G8: Freedom and democracy highlights but development promises still languish
Message from GCE President on Gender Equality in Education
Signs of growth in child labour emerge in Colombia
Final report on public and private activities to eliminate child labour in cocoa
Global March welcomes new Indonesian anti-trafficking law
Child labour on the rise in Zimbabwe
Never Work Alone - Trade unions and civil society fighting against slavery and trafficking
Global March condemns attack on child rights activists in Delhi
Ivory Coast descends into humanitarian crisis
Numbers of street children grows worldwide
International Women’s Day 2011: A long journey still ahead for millions of girls and women
Dark underbelly of cottonseed production in India
Global March expresses solidarity with teachers in USA
Child labour risk for internally displaced children in Ivory Coast
Agricultural Workers’ Union of Liberia receives Iqbal Masih Award
Child labour growing in Apple supply chain
US students lend their voice to “Slavery Still Exists” campaign
EFA Mid-Decade Assessment and Mid-Term Policy Review
Rising food prices and impact on children
Governing Board member appointed to UN Trafficking Trust Fund
National Floor Level Minimum Wage in India
Tackling child labour in tobacco farming in Malawi
Human Rights Watch World Report 2011: A Façade of Action
Global March celebrates its 13th anniversary
Consultancy Opportunities on Child Labour
Recruitment of new Director for Cocoa Initiative
Year 2010
Speak Up – Stop Discrimination!
Concern over situation in Ivory Coast as UN pulls out
Marking the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
Global South-South Development Expo 2010 concludes at ILO
Light for Rights – World AIDS Day 2010
Child labour in the Democratic Republic of Congo
European multinationals attack minimum wage in Vietnam
World Social Security Report
Serious ongoing rights violations in Papua New Guinea
Millions of children to lose schools unless Western donors help
Seoul G20 Declaration not enough to allay fears over global austerity measures
Inter-Agency Report on Trade and Employment
Final report of 2010 Global Child Labour Conference
New ILO report for G20 Summit
Global March supports demands for release of imprisoned professor in Colombia
ITUC calls on World Bank to complete overhaul of Doing Business Report
2010 Human Development Report
EU Presidency to put Financial Transaction Tax on G20 agenda in Seoul
Core labour standard violations in Belize
New core labour standards report on Sri Lanka
Campaign continues for Global Financial Transaction Tax
Global March welcomes election of new Brazilian President
Concern over impact of austerity measures ahead of Seoul G20 Summit
New draft ILO Code of Practice on Safety and Health in Agriculture
World March of Women closes 3rd international action 2010
Peace, principles and courage to fight crisis together
2010 Global Hunger Index
Lobbying for legislation to commit the US to a Global Education Fund
8th ASEM Summit closes calling for more effective global economic governance
World Day for Decent Work, 7 October 2010
Reports of persistence of child labour and trafficking in Francophone Africa
Unions call for rejection of austerity programmes and focus on job creation
Global March urges close attention to child protection and education in aftermath of Pakistan flooding
Education For All – Child Labor For None!
World Teachers’ Day 2010
World of Work Report 2010: From one crisis to the next?
Quality Public Services –Action Now!
Global Task Force UN Summit event reinforces link between child labour and MDGs
ITUC publishes report on core labour standards in USA
ISO 26000 receives major boost to become official international standard
Global March expresses solidarity with European unions over strike action
World leaders meet to boost progress on MDGs
Draft outcome document of UN MDG Summit now available
World Teachers’ Day web site goes live!
Global March condemns suicide bomb attack resulting in children’s deaths
Concerns raised over impact of global food price increases
Global March welcomes new report on workers’ rights
Joint IMF-ILO conference on growth, employment and social cohesion
Global March welcomes progress on European financial supervision
Tackling child labour: Key to progress on the Millennium Development Goals
ILO’s Social Protection Floor Advisory Group holds first meeting
Global March welcomes appointment of Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education
Historic victory for education in US
ITUC calls on Bangladesh to support decent work
Indigenous children among the hardest-to-reach
Call for concerted action to eliminate child labour in agriculture
Leaders accused of breaking promises at African Union talks
G20 failing to meet jobs challenge
Education International releases global study on Early Childhood Education
American Federation of Teachers resolves to fight child labour and ensure education for all
National Education Association organises “Global Education Summit”
Global March urges G20 leaders to protect children and vulnerable groups from deficit cuts
Global union congress sets out key elements of economic recovery
Global March joins worldwide call for Global Financial Transaction Tax
Global March welcomes Global Union statement to G8/G20 Summits
Interest in the fight against child labour
New ILO global report on child labour: As efforts to end child labour slow, ILO calls for “re-energized” global action
Education for All in crisis as universal primary education falls far off target
Press Release from Global March member of the North American Coalition Against Child Labour
Global Monitoring Report on Education for All 2010 Reaching the Marginalized launched
Year 2009
Alternative Report of the Non-Governmental Organizations to the State Reports About the Situation With the Rights of the Child in the Republic of Macedonia

Social Activist Kailash Satyarthi bestowed with the world acclaimed “Defender of Democracy Award”

Kailash Satyarthi, Chairperson of Global March Against Child Labour Spoke in Clinton Global Initiatives
The Education for All - Fast Track Initiative helping to send 1 million out-of-school children into the classroom with new financing
Child Labour used in Cosmetics Industry
The Landmark judgement of Delhi High Court defines the roles of various agencies on child labour
Kailash Satyarthi, Chairperson, Global March Against Child Labour bestowed with the world acclaimed “Defender of Democracy Award”
Freedom Marchers set the Stage for Anti-Trafficking Concert
World Leaders wake up, save the school going children from tsunami effect of financial meltdown, IMF commit to fair play with poor
Children at risk
Sharp drop in aid to basic education jeopardizes school chances for millions
Saïd Business School: The Sixth Skoll World Forum is the biggest ever
Global Education at Davos: World leaders, your Homework is Due, and Please Sit up Straight in Your Seat
Global March Against Child Labor Southeast Asia coordinator awarded the first Iqbal Masih award from US Department of Labor
Year 2008
Oslo High Level Group on Education for All
International Trade Union Conference On Combating Forced Labour and Human Trafficking
Global March Against Child Labour receives the 25th International Alfonso Comín Award
Support for Victims of Sexual Abuse
The Interview with Mr. Dragi Zmijanac M.Sc Newspaper Agency FOCUS, Bulgaria 25 september 2008 Journalist, Suncica Stojanovska
Offside: Child Labour in Football Stitching
Child traffickers 'capitalising' on Indian flood victims
For how long the judges will give minimum sentences to pedophiles?
WINROCK International Launches the Best Practices in Preventing and Eliminating Child Labor through Education
13 Bonded Child Labourers Rescued From Zari Industry
Exposed! Primark, garment retailer, for violating the child labour norms
Anti-trafficking movement hails landmark conviction by Visayan Forum Foundation Inc. (VFFI), Global March International Council Member
Global Campaign for Education welcomes Europe's new aid commitments to education but demands a country timetable for payments to realise the education MDGs
Education: The Right Response to End Trafficking and Child Labour
Thousands of Teachers Protest For Right to Education
Bollywood Demands Quality Education For Child Laborers in Rising India
Children For Peace and Peace For Children – Stand up for the Tibetan child victims
Designers pledge for the better future of kids
Global March Chairperson unanimously re-elected as President of the Largest Education Rights Movement - Global Campaign for Education
ANDREWS ADDOQUAYE TAGOE  Iinternational Council member of Global March Against Child Labour have been selected as member  of the International Cocoa Verification Board (ICVB)
Year 2007
Christmas sales bring cheer to street kids
Reaching the Unreached – Presentation from GCE President Kailash Satyarthi
World Off Track To Meet Education Goals, 72 Million Still Out of School Global School Report Grades 156 Developing Countries and 22 Donor Nations
Queen Rania speaks out for the 72 million children not in school
Circus rape summons for Maya MLA
Solidarity with democracy leaders of Burma
Global March Against Child Labour- Zimbabwe 2007
Home to the second largest child population globally, India is the worldh sixth most dangerous place for children. They also constitute 40 per cent of human trafficking victims
STAND UP against poverty and for education rights now!
12.67 million Child Labourers – Govt. identifies only 6,669
Rescue, Recover, Rehabilitate- the 3 Rs to ensure safe childhood to all child labourers
Eradicating child/forced labour
India still Enslaved
Sad reality of labour behind labels
Dilli Chaudhary, Regional Coordinator of Global March signed a historical agreement with Government to settle rehabilitation of ex-Kamaiyas
Company loses Olympic product license over alleged child labor
Child Labor Advocates Offer Strong Criticism of DOL’s Proposed Rulemaking on Youth Protections
The Togolese national Assembly has voted the code of the child
From Practice to Policy: A Paradigm Shift in Human Trafficking
Kailash Satyarthi recipient of 2007 State Department's Heroes Acting to End Modern-Day Slavery Award
Social Entrepreneur Voices on CNN in Special Series
World Day Against Child Labour, 12 June 2007
Warm Words, Little Action from G8
Bush Announcement On Basic Education Music To Ears But Falls Short On Outlays
BBAs' Rehabilitation Centre Attacked by Employers Mob
Misleading Claims by World Bank and European Commission on Education Funding
Human Trafficking for Forced Labour Might Exceed Perception
Demonstrators question the relevance of SAARC protocols outside the SAARC summit venue in New Delhi
Children Cost Less Than Cattle
123 India: National Consultation on Child Labour, Education For All and Poverty Alleviation
Hardest to reach children figure prominently in the EFA Forum at Norway
Gordon Brown reaffirms his commitment to eradicate illiteracy - 18/01/2007
Year 2006
South Asia Regional Meeting of Global March says "Keep up the Promises High!" - 18/12/2006
International Recognition for 14 Year Old Boy’s Struggle Against Child Slavery - 20/11/2006
Global March's Celebrate its 9th Anniversary -17/01/2007
“Four Factors for Accelerated Progress Towards EFA Goals” says Satyarthi - 27/11/2006
Bal Ashram Boy wins international Children's Peace Prize
India Launches Liberation Caravan (Mukti Caravan) Against Child Labour - 10/10/2006
Regional Meeting of National Coordinators of Central America, Mexico and The Caribbean of Global March Against Child Labor - 4/11/2006
Child Domestic Slavery Banned - 2/8/2006
EFA only hope for millions of child labourers to freedom and security
Kailash Satyarthi decorated with Freedom award at Freedom Festival
World Day Against Child Labour 2006 - 12/6/2006
ICFTU and Global March strategy meeting outcomes on combating child labor - 16/5/2006
Kailash Satyarthi on ILO Report
Making the link between poverty and decent work in the fight against child labour - 4/5/2006
GAW 2006 Update from USA
Former child laborers from India share their stories with UNICEF - 2/5/2006
Blackboard march by children to demand law for free, compulsory education - 21/02/2006
Monterrey: E-9 Education Ministers miserably fail to address child labour as the greatest impediment to EFA - 15/2/2006
Ad Melkert appointed Under-Secretary General and Associate Administrator of UNDP
UK pledges $15 billion to education
Kailash Satyarthi Addresses the High Level Group on Education at Beijing
Global March's 8th Anniversary Celebration - 17/1/2006
Year 2005
Satyarthi addresses 6th World Nobel Peace Prize Summit in Rome - 25/11/2005
Nearly 450 child labourers rescued from Zari Workshops - 21/11/2005
4,360 Child Labourers Begin Formal Education - 17/11/2005
Satyarthi Addresses World Education Ministers at UNESCO General Assembly - 7/10/2005
European Conference on Child Trafficking - 23/9/2005
129 child labourers rescued from zari units in New Delhi
Child Laborers Question MDGs at UN Summit
Media Launch of the Second Children’s World Congress on Child Labour and Education
A Tale of Two Jihads
Kailash Satyarthi Featured in THE NEW HEROES
Global March Against Child Labour - From Exploitation to Education

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The Global March Against Child Labour is a movement to mobilise worldwide efforts to protect and promote the rights of all children, especially the right to receive a free, meaningful education and to be free from economic exploitation and from performing any work that is likely to be harmful to the child's physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development.