Global March Against Child Labour: From Exploitation to Education
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An Evening Dedicated To Childhood on WDACL in India

The World Day Against Child Labour (June 12, 2005) was celebrated in India with a Pankaj Udhas musical show, An Evening Dedicated to Childhood (Ek Shaam Bachpan Ke Naam), organised by Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA), Global March core partner in India. Pankaj Udhas, a noted ghazal (musical) maestro, is also the Goodwill Ambassador for BBA.

An audience of more than three thousand had gathered for the show. The guest list included former Information and Broadcasting Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, religious guru Sri Sudhanshu, among many other notable Parliamentarians, Academicians, Human Rights Activists and Industrialists.....
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Childhood Rescued from Bondage....

Twenty Nine children, working in inhuman conditions at a zari unit in Delhi were released on 6th June 2005.

In a massive raid in an industrial unit in the congested Raghunagar, Dabri locality of West Delhi, Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA) under the leadership of Shri Kailash Satyarthi rescued 29 children working in exploitative conditions. This raid in coordination with police and other concerned authorities, was conducted on a complaint lodged by 8 year old Huaib Ansari, who had managed to run away from the zari factory. Huaib’s complained that the zari contractor gave him only one meal and used to beat him often....

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EI renews commitment to mainstream Indigenous education
There are about 5,000 Indigenous groups composed of 300 million people living in more than 70 countries on five continents. Their way of life, livelihood, religion and culture are inextricably intertwined with and dependent on the traditional environment in which they live.

In most countries, indigenous people are not members of the dominant, majority groups. Although they may consider themselves "nations", they have no status as States and often have no voice through their governments. In fact Indigenous People have not before been allowed to represent their own interests directly to any major body of the United Nations In many parts of the world today, Indigenous Peoples are engaged in a complex fight to find a balance between their cultural identity and customs and burgeoning pressure to assimilate into the world order, ruled by free-market mechanisms.

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BBA Leads GAW 2005 Activities in India
The recently concluded Global Action Week 2005 activities in India witnessed the active participation of Global March partner Bachpan Bachao Andolan/South Asia Coalition on Child Servitude (BBA/SACCS). The event which received wide support from the media and public, was organized under the auspices of a Working Group for Global Action Week comprising of National Coalition for Education, Global March International Secretariat, Commonwealth Education Fund (CEF), CARE India, Christian Children’s Fund (CCF), Action for Abilites Development and Inclusion and IACR. The focus of the weeklong activities was the “Send My Friend to School” campaign, which was successful in mass mobilisation and sensitisation to the cancerous problem of growing illiteracy in the country. During the week, parliamentarians were also lobbied to keep their promises on education with special focus on girls’ education. Events were held at district, state and national levels to achieve these objectives.
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DNI- Costa Rica leads GAW 2005 activities

Costa Rica is one of the most stable and robust democracies in Latin America, with a long-standing commitment to economic growth and social development. . It has also succeeded in establishing a legal framework that complies with the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and other international standards. Its development objectives coincide with the commitments established for the Millennium Goals. In spite of being much ahead of its Latin American neighbours in these fields, the Central American country faces new inequalities and challenges as it strives to sustain growth, further reduce poverty and promote social equity in an increasingly integrated and competitive global economy.

Given this scenario, the role of education assumes added importance. UNICEF country-wide figures for Costa Rica state that three out of every 10 children drop out of school before completing basic general education and eight of them do not complete secondary studies within the allotted time frame. Disturbingly, some 40 per cent of adolescents have left the education system, even though flexible policies have increased. An augmentation in policies has been accompanied by increased social and territorial inequalities as Costa Rica strives to formulate a sustainable framework to accommodate its indigenous, urban and migrant population into the global economy.

As part of the weeklong Global Action Week 2005 activities on the theme of “Educate to Eradicate Poverty” Global March partner DNI Costa Rica organized a Child Forum on the Right to Education in Costa Rica” on April 25th in the capital city of San Jose. About 160 students from various schools, education centers and young members of civil society organizations and community groups participated in the event. After a round of brainstorming and discussion on the different aspects of Costa Rican education, the participants successfully formulated a Declaration on the Right to Education in Costa Rica, in it expressing the shortcomings and requirements.

To see GAW 2005 photographs visit

DNI Costa Rica is the sub-regional coordinator of the Global March Against Child Labour for Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Millions Of Children Around The World Demand: “Send My Friend To School”

Global March and its members will remind governments of their commitments towards the Education For All and UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) during the Global Action Week, 24-30 April, 2005. The theme of this week is "Educate to End Poverty". Young people and education activists in more than 100 countries will join together this week to protest world leaders' failure to meet a major UN target on girls' education this year – a failure they say will lead to greater poverty and unnecessary child deaths.

This will be the fifth annual Global Action Week in the Global March, together with its partners in the Global Campaign for Education, will support millions of children around the world, who are not in school currently, in demanding their right to education.

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Bachpan Bachao Andolan produced film nominated for New York Film Festival
`Ropes in their hands`, a documentary film on the plight of Nepalese girls trafficked to Indian circus companies prepared by Global March partner Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA) has been invited for screening at the prestigious `New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (NVIIFVF)in April.

The documentary encapsulates the moving tales of girls of the 10-14 age group brought to India from Nepal on the false pretext of providing them quality education and a career in gymnastics. The documentary was conceived after BBA’s last major raid and rescue operation in June 2004 that saw the release of 12 Nepalese girls from the Great Roman circus.
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Gauri Pradhan Released
The well-known Nepalese human rights activist and senior member of the Global March International Council, Gauri Pradhan, was released from prison, after the Supreme Court’s order on February 28 declared his detention illegal and ordered the Nepalese establishment to release him immediately.

Pradhan, who is the President of the Child Workers in Nepal (CWIN) and is also serving as the Regional Coordinator, South Asia, of the Global March Against Child Labour, was illegally detained at Tribhuwan International Airport on February 17, 2005, on his way back to Kathmandu after having participated in official meetings in Europe. His detention had been widely criticized by human rights groups and civil society organisations.
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The 7th Anniversary of Global March, Sweden
The Swedish Global March observed the 7th Anniversary of Global March on 17th January 2005. In spite of Swedish cold and windy weather an impressive number of children, men and women gathered in Örebro, the city remembered as the Children’s rights city in Sweden, since the successful EU-conference on Children’s rights in 2001.

The children were carrying banners with Global March and demanding respect for Children’s rights. All were chanting slogans as Go, Go Global March and Global March for education...
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Long march to free Philippine child domestic labor from "virtual prison cell"
It was the time for 13-year-old Filipino girl Renelyn to unleash her complaints and show her heartful smile.

In a 2,000-strong march calling for legal prohibition of child domestic labor, Renelyn knew that she could be awakened from the nightmare filled with heavy housework, inadequate food and frequent abuse as a child maid, and find a way back to school she has been kept away for three years.

The Global March Against Child Labor staged in Manila on Jan. 22, the seventh since it was formed in 1998, gathered representatives from 40 non-governmental organizations, government agencies, workers, employers ad children's groups to seek fast approval of the magna carta for domestic workers, most of whom are children in the country...
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Iloilo joins Global March Against Child Labour Anniversary Celebration
CHILDREN'S welfare advocates are commemorating the 7th anniversary of the Global March Against Child Labor from January 17 to 22.

In the Philippines, this year's theme is "Anti-Child labor Law Ipatupad, Batas Kasambahay Ipasa Agad, Batang Manggagagawa Iligtas!"

The Global March Against Child Labor mobilized anti-child labor advocates in 1998 to call the world's attention to the basic issues of working children, especially those belonging to the worst forms...
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Kailsh Satyarthi, GCE's President!!
Global Campaign for Education is the world's single largest civil society alliance composed of teacher's unions, NGOs, Child Rights organisations, anti child labour groups and national / regional networks of civil society organisations. While the President will be the political leader of the GCE, and represent GCE's positions and policies at various forums, the Chair will responsible for the internal governance of the GCE.
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Summary of 2nd Round Table

Monday, 8 November 2004, Brasilia, Brazil

The concept of synergising efforts towards Education for All, elimination of Child Labour and poverty alleviation got a further boost with the success of the second Round Table organized in Brasilia, Brazil on November 8th. The UN agencies, governments from Southern as well as Northern countries and civil society organizations once again joined hands in the efforts to concretize the triangular paradigm to address the issues of child labour, education and poverty....
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Brutal Attack On Kailash Satyarthi During Rescue Of Children In Great Roman Circus

Eminent Child Labour activist and Chairperson of Global March Against Child Labour, Global Campaign for Education and SACCS/Bachpan Bachao Aandolan Kailash Satyarthi was attacked while leading a group of activist and parents to rescue some children from circus in Colonelganj Tehsil of Gonda District in Uttar Pradesh, North India today.

Acting on complaints of 11 parents and accompanied by 4 parents (two mothers and two fathers) Satyarthi approached the district administration which reluctantly assigned the Sub Divisional Magistrate to conduct a raid in the Great Roman Circus along with Satyarthi. The Great Roman Circus was camping in Colonelganj, District Gonda. There was reluctance on part of the District Magistrate presently posted in Gonda District. Our reports show that children in hundreds were being cruelly treated and exploited in this circus.

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Global March Against Child Labour - From Exploitation to Education

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