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Welcome to the Second Edition of Global March Inside- a quarterly newsletter dedicated for Board Members only.

Since our last newsletter in March, a lot has been done at the International Secretariat and within the regions.

Please see below for updates on Global March’s work till now since March 2016.

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International Secretariat Global March Against Child Labour

SDG Kickoff Meeting in Bangladesh

On 21 March 2016, an inception meeting was organised by BSAF (Global March Partner) and Global March in Dhaka, Bangladesh inviting NGOs, INGOs, trade unions and teacher associations, to discuss and plan an outline for preparing an advocacy tool to execute and implement child related SDGs. The kick off meeting provided the stakeholders an impetus to explore the challenges of implementing SDGs as well as exploring the way forward of carrying out advocacy with the government. The participants at the meeting thus agreed to have a better coordination with the government for the effective implementation of SDGs and agreed to prepare a national action plan along with conducting baseline surveys among other important agreements.

Side Event at World Humanitarian Summit

With the increasing conflicts and disasters in the world, children no doubt are the worst sufferers and are most vulnerable to some of the gravest forms of violence against children. Humanitarian crises affect a significant proportion of a child’s formative years-impacting their survival, growth and development. In such times, systems like homes, schools and communities that work to keep children safe, are undermined or damaged, and very few programmes exist that address the issue of violence against children, neglect,  including worst forms of child labour, slavery, and trafficking. Thus on 23 May 2016, Global March along with Child Fund Alliance and Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children organized a side event namely, 'Leaving No Child Unprotected: Child Protection Across Development and Humanitarian Divide' at the World Humanitarian Summit, organised by United Nations and hosted in Istanbul, Turkey, to highlight the unprecedented need for prioritizing child protection interventions, including the interventions to  eliminate worst forms of child labour. The side event was presented in the form of a panel discussion inviting high-profile panelists such as, Kailash Satyarthi, Irina Bokova, Susan Bissell,Lilianne Ploumen, Helle-Thorning-Schmidt,Geeta Rao Gupta, Gordon Brown, Marc Dullaert amongst few others. These panelists presented solutions, based on evidence and research, and promoted innovative partnerships and funding for galvanizing support for life saving child protection interventions.

Global March Field Visit to Uganda

As part of the project supported by Comic Relief,Global March staff recently visited Kampala, Uganda in May 2016. This project aims to create sustainable and healthy child-friendly village society through participation and holistic development of the community, where no child is in exploitative labourconditions and all children are in schools and learning. Thus the motive of visiting Uganda was to discuss the project logistics with the project implementing partner, NOTU along with takingupdates on progress, next steps and helping them address challenges faced by them.Global March staff also visited intervention villages of Mukono (one of the selected districts) and interacted with different community stakeholders to understand local scenario with respect to Occupational Safety and Health and child labour.

School Enrolments in Uganda

As part of the project activity supported by Comic Relief in Uganda, Global March along with the project implementing partner NOTU, identified close to 900 children (who were in child labour or out of school), from the intervention districts of Mukonu and Mbale and enrolled them in schools in  July 2016. To make this intervention possible, parents, teachers and school authorities were reached out in this process. To support these children, scholastic support was provided. This intervention was the first major activity in creating child friendly communities in the selected project area of Uganda.

World Day Against Child Labour, 2016

On the occasion of  World Day Against Child Labour on 12 June 2016, Global March produced a newsletter on behalf of Honorary President of Global March and Nobel Peace Laureate, Kailash Satyarthi,emphasisiing the need for eliminating child labour especially in business supply chains.
Read the full newsletter here..

On the occasion of World Day Against Child Labour, Global March partners from Panama, Costa Rica and Benin contributed to the Blog section on Global March website. Find the articles on the blog here..

National Consultation on SDGs in Bangladesh

On 16 June, 2016, Global March Partner in Bangladesh, BSAF along with Global March organised a National Consultation on Road Map Development for SDGs  to Eliminate Child Labour.The Consultation invited the State Minister of Labour and Employment Department, Secretary of Primary and Mass Education, along with other representatives from the governments, private organisations and media. From the Consultation some important agreements came to the forefront such as the following:

  • Statistical database on child labour is needed.
  • A national plan of action is needed where responsibility, resource and budget for every authority is ensured.
  • All the push and pull factors like quality education, population control, birth registration, internal migration, affect of climate change, social insecurity etc. to be addressed in holistic approach.
  • Comprehensive coordination mechanism to be developed at the national level to union level to combat child labour.
  • Political commitment and accountability of state and non-state actors needed.

Global March Board Meeting, 2016

On 6 & 7 July 2016, Global March organised its Annual Board Meeting in The Hague, The Netherlands, inviting all the Board Members across different regions of the world. At the Board Meeting, several important decisions were taken such as regarding preparation of World Child Labour Conference in Argentina in 2017, cleaning up of the Constitution of Global March, clarification on Global March representative for ICI Board Seat, financial audits to be presented to the Board, ways of diversifying funding for future, including status of reserves, approval of pending memberships, along with discussion on Global March Coordinator for Asia-Pacific Region.

Parliamentarians Without Borders for Children’s Rights Meeting, The Netherlands

Following the success of the first ever meet of Parliamentarians Without Borders for Children's Rights (PWB) that was held last year in Kathmandu, the second meeting of the PWB, was held in The Hague, The Netherlands on 8th & 9th July 2016. The meet was hosted by Mr. Roelof Van Laar, Member of Parliament, The Netherlands. 

With participation from more than 15 Members of Parliament from different parts of the world, this one of a kind meeting brought innovative ideas, strategies and commitments from the Parliamentarians for addressing some of the most pressing concerns of children.In the 1.5 day event, the Parliamentarians brainstormed and discussed ways to not only eliminate child labour, trafficking and slavery as legislators, but also identified and agreed on key actions to be taken by Parliamentarians for strengthening education, and devising child responsive budgeting.

At the end of the meet a Declaration was agreed and signed by all the participants describing the key actions that will be taken by the parliamentarians in next one year. The third meet of the Parliamentarians Without Borders for Children's Rights is proposed to be held in Accra, Ghana in 2017. 

Asia Legislative Advocacy Workshop on Child Domestic Labour and Gender Based Violence, New Delhi

On 1-2 August 2016, Global March along with BachpanBachaoAndolanorganised theAsia Legislative Advocacy Workshop on Child Domestic Labour and Gender Based Violence in New Delhi, to strengthen the knowledge and skills of 87 participants across 8 countries of Asia on legislative advocacy. The workshop also served as a platform for the participants to share their learnings and experiences on the implementation of child related SDGs. As a reference material for the workshop,Global March in consultation with partners in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan developed Need Gap Analysis Reports and produced an Asia Legislative Advocacy Toolkit that will be disseminated amongst Global March partners and beyond. The workshop discussed lessons learnt, good practices and compilation of case-studies and to examine documentation and potential replication and dissemination.

Campaign on Advocacy for Sustainable Development Goals in Africa and Latin America

As part of the campaign on advocacy Sustainable Development Goals, Global March partners carried out several activities.

In Togo, the Global March partner and Board Member, WAO-Afriqueorganised the Parliamentarians Without Borders Togo Chapter, to sensitise the Parliamentarians and discuss the possible ways to implement the child-related SDGs on child labour, trafficking and violence against children. The meeting was chaired by former Member of Parliament and Minister of Togo, HOWANOU Edoh.

In Costa Rica, Global March partner and Board Member, DNI Costa Rica consolidated 4 plans for the implementation of SDGs4.4, 5.12, 8.7 and 16.2, along with carrying out follow up meetings with several stakeholders across different countries in Central America. Additionally, DNI Costa Rica formulated the plan of action for effective implementation of SDGs, in consultation with other NGOs and government representatives. DNI also initiated a campaign on adolescent work “Rompé el Silencio" and disseminated it through the social networks.

In Peru, Global March partner and Board Member, CESIP carried out follow up skype and face to face meetings on the SDG campaign in Argentina and Peru and carried out evaluation meetings for reviewing the implementation of the actions.Public awareness campaigns were run on social media against child labour.

In Argentina,Global March partner, CTERA carried out a public awareness campaign on World Day Against Child Labourin the city of Buenos Aires and a national advocacy meeting was called to present a national law on setting up of “socio-educational centres for children and adoloscents in rural areas.”

Trainings for Community Based Natural Resource Management

As part of the project supported by Robert Bosch Foundation, that aims to foster strong and organic grassroots civil society structures by engaging and empowering the young people and the community at large, promoting civic engagement and sustainable development, including environmental sustainability,which directly or indirectly affect the overall well-being of children.

Thus to promote the innovative child-friendly communities and to address environmental challenges  in the villages of  Indian states of Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Karnataka, several trainings were conducted by TERI(The Energy and Resources Institute)  – an expert agency on the topic. Under this engagement, TERI carried out 3 major activities :

  • An assessment exercise on the pressing/key environmental challenges in the villages across the 3 states of the project – Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Karnataka.
  • Based on the finding of the assessment, TERI developed a manual on community-based natural resource management to support the community, in particular the youth to understand environment challenges and also the take steps to address them.
  • Facilitated training of youth representatives and field staff on the manual for Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Karnataka. The two day training for each state resulted in the development of an action plan of the community to address key environmental issue/issues.


Good Practices Compilation on Advocacy for Tackling Child Labour in Domestic Work

The Compilation of Good Practices has been compiled for advocacy on addressing child labour in domestic work in 10 countries, where Global March and partners are present.  This Compilation supports and brings forth ideas and practices of civil society, particularly Global March members and partners who are working towards the protection and welfare of children, child labourers, in particular child domestic labourers, using advocacy as a tool.Please note this is apublication of 2014 and has been given final touches now.

Training Manual for Community Based Natural Resource Management

The training manual has been created under the project “Ensuring Sustainability at the Village Level” supported by Robert Bosch Foundation, seeking to raise awareness about the rights and responsibilities of  local communities surrounding natural resource use in 27 villages across the states of Jharkhand, Karnataka, and Rajasthan in India. For better understanding by the villagers, the manual was translated to Hindi and Kannada language.

Hidden Slavery- Study on Child Domestic Workers in Bangladesh

Since 2006, there had been no survey on the number of child domestic workers (CDW) in Bangladesh. In 2006, an ILO baseline survey found about 3.2 million child labourers in Bangladesh. Among them, 421,000 (13.16%) were employed as domestic aides, and 75 percent were girls, who were particularly vulnerable as they worked behind closed doors and it was difficult to reach them and talk to them. Bangladesh ShishuAdhikar Forum (BSAF) conducted a study on CDW in Dhaka City with the support of Global March and others, and found 78 per cent of the total CDWs were girls. This study has been conducted as an empirical survey in major city locations having concentration of CDWs since BSAF needed a nationwide study that may support BSAF to perform its mandated roles as an advocate, policy makers to decide on where and what to change and the NGOs to design and manage their projects focusing on the CDWs.